Anyone beat wikihow yet?


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Feb 23, 2014
Wikihow seems to be ranking in position 1 for my keyword and I'm struggling to beat it.

I just want some hope...

Has anyone outranked wikihow?
You can outrank any authority site if the authority site doesn't have:

- exact keyword in title
- exact keyword in url
- exact keyword in description
- exact keyword in first paragraph
- backlinks with exact keyword
- internal linking with exact keyword

You'll have to apply all the above to your site.

Relevancy beats authority and trust. An authority site can rank on a keyword, even if the page is not relevant, because it has trust. But if a site with no trust at all has relevancy (relevancy means have exact keyword in title, have exact keyword in url, all the above) then it will outrank the authority site.

Relevancy > authority
Authority + relevancy = everything
You just need to learn your ABC and then your DEF, up until you reach Z, then you will be able to take over them.
Oh, forgot to add money, you will also need some of that in your strategy.
for that you will need a good article and there is one thing which backfire for wikihow (it's the thing they are proud of)

test and test again.
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