Anybody else have these problems with AMR?!

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    Apr 7, 2008
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    I'm having the following problems with AMR:

    Mass Re-placer Not Recognizing synonyms with more then one word (No Matter What The Width Is Set to) - I've even created a few synonym groups just to test it and tried mass replacing with the width set to 2, 5, etc. - it just skips right over all the 2 word groups and only recolonizes the one word synonyms, why is this?

    Every time I open AMR it acts like it's the first time I've run it, for example: I have 3500 sites that are OK and show up green, however, when I start the program the next day they're all yellow again and I have to refresh the list everyday. Also, every time I use the thesaurus it says "Opening local thesaurus for first use", why is it not remembering these things?

    Anybody else have these problems or know how to fix them? And it's the full version, not cracked, not the trial.

    Thank you!