Any tips on using translated content in money site?


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Jun 23, 2015
What do think of this idea?
How much risk is involved in this Procoess?
what test should I to check on the content if it is safe!!
Hi, I'm doing that for 8 months and for now I got no problem.

I checked on copyscape if I have duplicate content or not after translating, sometimes I get somes because others got the same idea as me.

And I also check sometimes if the original source have not translated his own articles in my language, if it is the case I remove my translation.

I think it's a very good trick to generate high value articles and i'm making money with that, but I really don't know if the trick will stay effective still a lot of time... with the rising of AI, I think maybe in few years it will be possible for Google to check and penalize a translated content without permission. But I doubt of it and for the moment it's a completely no risk solution to generate great content.

So now, I'm more interested to find old unused content to translate or maybe I will try to do spin content.
Translate many times
This mean if the content source is from x language and you want it to be on y language then translate x to z and z to y and you will get original content
i was doing that on autopilot with blogger+ifttt+ yahoo pipes
only old marketer will know those .
I have tried it with auto scrape & google translate api , with some of my auto site , I don't know what other people 's experience with it, I am not very satisfied with the result ,whatever translate from english to asian language,or from asian language to english, because of Poor readability , maybe google AI translate is focus on improving the translation quality between Indo-European languages, translation quality bewteen Indo-European and asian language has long way to go...
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