Any tips for my next steps with my niche site?

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    i have a niche site with the following stats:
    60k Keyword Searches
    SERP: currently 14.
    UV: approx. 30 per day (mostly from Wikipedia)

    The Site is about a niche that every company bigger than 200 employee has and there is only a limited amount of software and services available and they cost mostly 10k up to 1m$ and more.

    It's have the following possibilities and i'm not sure which one to take:

    1. Write Service Providers and Product Developers that i'll release their product description / service description or the company listing in a directory written by them for nnn$.
    2. Write Service Providers and Product Developers that i'll sell private ad on my page for nnn$.
    3. Write the Product Description and upload them and do some SEO to get the keyword to Top 5 and then continue with one of the first two steps.
    4. Number 3 but don't sell private ad but just put AdSense on it and forget about it.

    What would you recommend? And is there a way to get the information how much the CPC is for a keyword?
    If i do my math... 60'000 per Month, 50% goes to first --> 30'000 UV per Month --> 1000 per Day --> CTR = 1% --> 10 Clicks per Day. --> CPC=don't know.. 1.5? --> 15$ per Day without work... --> 450.- per Month..

    But i should be able to do more with private ad i think as this is targeted traffic for them...

    Thank you for your help!