Any tips for blackhat online travel booking?


Jun 28, 2009
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The payout for online travel bookings affiliate is huge, However its difficult to get a person buy, plus most of the sites are already famous which gets anyone to visit them directly until and unless there are any sweet deals..

What are your suggestions to promote travel deals?
Autoblog? Adwords (fucks me like hell)? twitter? or anything which comes to your mind..

Any suggestions would be appreciated..
I recommend you to use yahoo answer and post messages on forum that related to your niche ( traveling )

Twitter is not good for this niche as there are many spam message nowadays :)

Just my 2 cents ;)
Geo Targeting... for your niche
Google trends+
Google insights to further research ur niche travel destination..and it will also highlight from which countries ur major keywords are being "searched"...and than geo target these areas + google local search for these areas-----linking back to ur offer pages
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