Any sure fire ways to reach 5$ a day??


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Sep 6, 2013
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Before you say to search the forum or whatever just know I have all ready done that and I just want your opinion.

So with that said what is a sure fire way to hit 5$ a day?
copy the best selling gig on fiverr and offer something more, that's a surefire way to achieve $5/day
Agree with above.

People always looking for reviews, write-ups, testimonials, video testimonials, advice. All simple things any human can do.
It depends on who you are.

If I told you to write 500 words on the benefits of Forskolin could you do that easily?

If I asked you to create a backlink campaign that looked natural for Forskolin could you?

If I ordered a logo or a website that would sell Forskolin, would you be able to make something decent?

That's a minor SEO copywriting gig I made a couple bucks off of.

Another good question would be can you make bots, or figure out how profit off of them?

2 hours and the command of English you've displayed can easily get $5 a day.

I'm a newbie here, and have a lot to learn, but it's trivial to make $5 a day if you have no other constraints.
Sorry to be the one with the bad news, but all $5/day methods is already saturated.
I make $5 a day from adsense without really trying...........................................................on a 1K a day site!
Resell Fiverr gigs on ebay and
(1) Sell N things for X profit (N * X > $5) every day on Amazon/eBay.
(2) Sell 1+ service per month for $150+ on Elance/oDesk/forum.
(3) Get 2000+ pageviews per day to your website (CPM > $2).

Third way is the hardest out of these.
Start with ebay, sell the stuff you don't need then take it seriously
Figure out what you're good at and see if you could offer that service to someone online, If your good at something you could always scale it
Take a look at the journey section here on BHW and try to replicate what the other members are doing :)
Create a "top ten images-books-games-cute babies" website slap some adsense on and spam the fuck out of Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc.
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