Any SOLID Emailers here?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by St. Martin, Jun 19, 2012.

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    We are looking for someone who has solid investor lists and can either email for us or sell us lists. We have many campaigns rolling and are looking for firepower to add to our resources. We have mailers, we have lists, we need more added.

    Do not respond unless:
    1. You have emailed your lists before know open rates and the offer that was used.
    2. Your lists are active investors ie not some renamed list that was sold on here prior to last years change in forum.
    3. You have solid stats to proove who you are, what your list has achieved.
    4. Willing to sign NDA and DNC aggreements. We are not looking to hand our business to you. We will also be willing to sign agreements on each send of your mailing.
    5. Don't need some big talkers, we need experienced professionals

    5. If you have some some scrapped lists Forget it!!
    6. If you have no experience Forget it!!
    7. If you have not stats on your list Forget it!!
    8. This is a serious partnership offer. You must be willing to do small tests also to prove.

    Please repond with details of your experience, your list size, mailer info if you have it, if not we have the mailers,
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    ditto please