Any Pinterest AutoPin Wordpress plugin?

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Mar 22, 2013
Hey everyone.

I am looking for a plugin for wordpress that would allow me to automatically share on pinterest every new post that I publish on my website.

The one thing i found is the SNAP social media sharing plugin, but for Pinterest you gotta upgrade your account, so that's not gonna work.

Then I found another one called WP Pinner I think, but that seems to require a waiting time and an invitation, so that's not gonna work.

I don't mind having the pinterest window in the post editor where I get to decide which board to pin that article on and put in the comment and everything.

Alternatively I will have to manually add every new post to pinterest by logging in and adding it to the appropriate board, or every once in a while go and schedule my new posts to go live on pinterest, like 1 post every 24 hours or something.

So anyway, any plugin for the job? Thanks
I tried xpinner lite. But cant get it to work on my wordpress blog.
There is a paid one in code canyon. But haven't tried it yet
I am new to Pinterest, and I thought that with all this pinterest praising and pinterest+adsense tutorials and journeys floating around that there would have been tons of plugins for this job...

Even though from what I've read Pinterest has no API for these sharing purposes, so that's the reason why Pinterest auto-sharing is difficult to do... I'm not sure about this, but that's the impression I got from reading about trying to find a pinterest auto-share/pin plugin or website... Even IFTTT and Hootsuite don't support Pinterest...

Anyway, whatever, I'll just do it manually every time I publish a post... until someone comes up with a better option... Actually using RSS to auto-pin may also be an issue because you can't select which board to pin the particular image to, although i'm sure someone could find a workaround for that, at least for a wordpress plugin...
I tried xpinner lite. But cant get it to work on my wordpress blog.
Same story with Xpinner. Bought it, but it wasnt pin.

Also used "Pinterest Automatic Pin Wordpress Plugin" few months ago and it worked fine for me.
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I tried xPinner, it worked sometimes but not consistently enough and when I changed my posts to use an amazon plugin, it never found the images since they were loaded through a short code.

I signed up for WP Pinner before I realized they are trying to get others to do their work for them by referring others to sign up before you even get the plugin. Not cool.

I just tried Lazy Pinner and it couldn't even connect :confused:

I will probably continue to use the Imacro I wrote to pin my posts. I have PinBlaster but it wants to write the post too when I have that automated from rss feed already.
If anyone wants the imacro I will post it here.
Not sure, but doesn't SNAP (Social Network Auto Poster) include Pintereset? It's free for one account of each social media. Give it a try.
Not sure, but doesn't SNAP (Social Network Auto Poster) include Pintereset? It's free for one account of each social media. Give it a try.

Not with the free version.

The same goes for Google+.

With SNAP's Free Version you can use some social networking/bookmarking sites, like Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon (these are the ones I am using it for at the moment), but for Google+ and Pinterest you have to Upgrade to Premium, it's not free.

For Google+ I found Jetpack if I'm not mistaken, and I am using Jetpack to autoshare on Google+.

So I covered Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Google+, but I didn't find an automated solution for Pinterest...

So what I do at the moment is I either login to pinterest and add every new post to the appropriate board, or I login to pinterest and then go to my new post, and click the Pin Sharing Button I have on the page, then I pick my board, write my comment, and post.
Nope SNAP doesn't have pinterest in the free version.
Not sure, but doesn't SNAP (Social Network Auto Poster) include Pintereset? It's free for one account of each social media. Give it a try.

I used to use Cyberseo's xpinner plugin which used to do the work for me. In a recent update, pinterest changed the way CSRF tokens displayed in browser, so the whole plugin is broken right now as per my last trial.

I hope CyberSEO dude does something about it :)
Cyberseo's xpinner plugin is working now, there was a update and mine is pinning again. Just checked and its been working a treat for 5 days now. The only problem i found with allot of these auto posters is there great at taking your money but as soon as you raise a ticket because something isn't working thus ends communication, why have a help desk ticket system if you have no intention in replying to the tickets in the first place. Typical example is Facebook sharer great little app that has loads of potential but you raise a ticket and see if they come back to you, i have a few problems with this app raised tickets no responce. Worst part is it puts you off buying other app's give a dog a bad name etc
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