Any new ideas on how to monetize this?

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    I shoot 100's of high school and college sporting events for the local newspapers. That is my main source of income. I then take the photos from each game an upload them to my site where once and awhile I make a few extra bucks from parents buying photos of their kids.

    However. I have found I am getting hundreds of hits on the galleries by the kids more than the adults. Naturally they want to see the pix of themselves and take them to use on their social media accounts. The minute I post any watermarked or proof stamped images on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram it's like a feeding frenzy for these kids and my images are plastered all over their pages. Naturally these kids just want the images and I am never going to sell any to a teenager.

    Therefore I tried to monetize the images by using a content locker. I picked the deals that promoted free iPhones, winning $10K, food and soda offers. Needless to say I had one person follow the survey and convert. I think the kids were turned off by not having the instant gratification for clicking the link and didn't have the attention span to fill in the survey. So I canned that idea.

    Next I thought about an image hosting site. Yes I know it is cents for 1000's of views but at least I would be getting something out of this traffic. Problem is though I can't find an image hosting service that pays which doesn't have adult ads. A lot of these kids are 14-19 year olds and I can't be sending them to sites with adult ads.

    So what am I missing here? There seems to be demand but I am lacking a solid way to monetize this traffic.