Any new case studies for de-ranked sites?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Markthedude, May 4, 2012.

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    I'm starting to see some nice threads pop up about people doing case studies on sites that have dropped after some of the updates and was wondering what the general consensus is shaping to be.

    Here is what just happened to one of my sites:

    Before April 24 was not ranked in Big G for anything, no where in top 100.

    April 25 the site shot to the first page for multiple keywords, all top 10.

    Today, site dropped back to the 400-500 range for everything.

    My site is an affiliate site, no adsense and no G tracking of any kind being used. Not an Amazon site either. It has about 5 pages, all content has been written by me so it's high quality and 100% unique with nothing being spun.

    On page SEO is the standard stuff, Title tags, images, meta etc.

    There as been very little backlinking done to the site, I haven't focused on it as I have other projects but when I started getting sales through it you can believe I started paying attention to it. I'm lucky I have dozens of sites as many have been hit but a few are still hanging in there but I'm wondering if a drop to the 400-500 range means a penalty for sure. According to Majestic the backlink profile of my site looks good, backlinks from all types of sites, different anchors being used and it's been a very steady flow of links since mid march.

    What's your thoughts and opinions on why this drop might have happened. I could say the amount of content but at the same time it held strong ranks for a good 2 weeks I would say.