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Any monetization gurus please

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by mrmidjam, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. mrmidjam

    mrmidjam Regular Member

    Sep 17, 2008
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    I have a free tattoo image website and last month a got 63,000 uniques, most of the traffic is coming through google images so i have added a frame breaker to help keep people on my site.

    I have been having problems squeezing any money from the site though, i have had some great advice here and have implimented everything because it all made sense.

    I`m using CPA Lead`s gateway to block my visitors from viewing any full sized image and i have also added a download page where you can download image packs also blocked by **************`s gateway. I carefully choose the surveys that are displayed to only show competitions and freebies. I have disabled right click to help prevent anyone from seeing behind the gateway.

    Here are my eanrings:
    Clicks: 57 Leads: 4 Earnings: $2.73
    Clicks: 67 Leads: 7 Earnings: $6.71
    Clicks: 68 Leads: 13 Earnings: $11.44
    Clicks: 63 Leads: 10 Earnings: $6.68
    Clicks: 66 Leads: 2 Earnings: $1.58
    Clicks: 41 Leads: 0 Earnings: $0.00

    Do these sound about right for the traffic i`m getting (freebie)

    I have noticed that they add surveys to the gateways automaticly and some of these surveys get clicked on alot and getting no leads, so i go through and disable them but they do get some air time first and i lose alot of untargeted clicks.

    I have changed the site quite a few times now and i do get abit demotivated sometimes but i have read some great motivational threads here and i`m keen to get working on it, if its worth the effort.

    If there are any Gurus out there that would like a little project i`m prepaired to give up 50% of this months earnings for any one on one advice that i haven`t heard of already.

    No advice is too stupid i`m looking for any creative ideas...
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