Any ideas on how would can I sell this for

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    Okay guys, I need a little help with this. I have a website and I would like to ask you to give me any ideas for how much I can sell it for:

    -It's on the weight loss/diet niche
    -It's ""
    -It's on the first page for the keyword "model name diet", 2,3rd place, varies on the country.
    -The main keyword "model name diet" has 2,400 broad, 1,600 exact and 1,900 phrase global monthly search (google keyword tool)
    -I'm not receiving whole lot of traffic and to be honest the last few months I haven't made any money with it, but I believe that with a few hours/days of work and some SEO, the website can be making 100$/ month.
    -i've had it for two years, purchased in 20/07/2011.
    During this whole period I've made around 500-1000$ dollars with it through clickbank sales. I've only put on 1-2 days of work on the website. Now it's going to expire soon and I'm not really in for all the work that needs to be done to turn it into a decent website again (SEO, landing page recreation etc) so if anyone could give me an idea on how much it would go for?
    Appriciate your help.
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    First page means nothing. Spot 2 & 3 can expect to see less than 10% of the traffic.

    This is probably why your site isn't making money. Unless you rank for #1 you're ranked for about nothing.

    Celebrity name in a domain with Diet suffix probably has a trademark issue. Most celebrity name brands are trademarked.

    We'd have to see the trending of the diet to see if it's still worth anything. Diets come and go. During the launch there is a huge push to market and after recovery the marketing stops and the fad is dead until the next diet takes off. There is a chance the website even if it hits #1 won't have a lot of traffic.

    Another issue is most of these diets are leaked shortly after launch so there isn't much mystery (interest) years later.

    Good luck.
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    Middle xxx$ range is the max price you can take selling that website :)
    Good luck with the sale !
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    I agree with Maverickk3