Any Good PHP Programs to NULL WP Plugin for DL Share?


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May 25, 2010

This friend of mine bought this plugin not to long ago. It's pretty good, but the makers of the plugin are total noobs and just pissed off my friend in a bad way.

I thought I would put it out here to see if there were any BHW PHP guys who would like to take a few minutes (ok might take longer) to NULL this sucker and get it up in the downloads section. Give those pricks some payback. :)

You have to pay to get this plugin, but the source is open. They have a licensing setup within the plugin admin to license each install. Again though, there is nothing encoded, so the NULL should be pretty easy to a guy who knows his way around PHP.

Not going to say what the program is here... it's a surprise! :)

Once done, you can post it for full credit and thanks for the download. Sound good?

I like to be the hand of karma sometimes... in this case.. they are getting the bad karma they deserve. :)

If there are any takers.. please PM me.
lol. sorry i know it's old thread. But shit!!! lol People will just about make up any story to try fire people up lol..
You may of had better success if you just requested the plugin lol
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