Any good Photoshopper can help e out?


Mar 17, 2008
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Any good Photoshopper can help me out please?

I have some images that need sharpening and sizing for CD format
I tried Irfanview but its not working just using sharpen feature and size there is some text cut off with resize
You need them enlarged or? Because you should be able to do that in Irfanview just fine without any cutoff: Image=>Resize/Resample then apply the new size values.

But of course you can only do that to a certain point with a bitmap picture(without massacring the quality that is), and while I'm no PS wizard, I doubt you could do much better with it. Not without recreating parts or even the whole image, anyway...

Which is why I'm such a fan of vector graphics for logos and stuff like that. :)
let me know if i can help you... pm me the detail.. hope you are not in hurry :)
Maybe you could try Paint.Net - free basic alternative to Photoshop? similar features and good at re sampling images...
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