any free artiocle sources?

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    1st I don't mean any disrepect to those who wrtie or sell articles
    your stuff is good and well worth payment!!
    I'm the 1st to suggest paying for good articles

    In this case I'm just looking for some "filler" (i'll call it) and trying to find
    some article based option like "allthingssports" except they
    are selling their domain, but I used to use wpomatic (forgive my seplling
    faux pas) to automactially upload articles to my WP blog,
    I'm using joomla at the moment, but any suggestions?

    any other "free" ones out there?

    thanx all! hali ~!:)
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    Dec 18, 2009
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    Syndicate Kahuna, if they are still doing it, has a free, auto-loading article service. I've tried both that one and WPomatic and was less than impressed with the results. If you really need some free content they work, but as far as getting you traffic or page rank, I think they are either neutral or even harmful. What might work better is to use autoblogging to gain some content but to also add original content yourself, which is still what the search engines prefer. Then, this is only my experience and I don't pretend to be any kind of SEO expert.