Any experience using SERP for keyword search?

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    I know there are tools for keyword or "phrase" research
    but I just can't understand using them

    I've read tons, and seen plenty of vids, but just isn't working for me

    so I understand a method some use is simply using

    in my case it's for article marketing via

    so no WEBSITE to rank, just trying to get
    as much "article exposure" as possible for affiliate marketing
    it may not be as good as traditional KWR, but at this point
    I'll take just about anything

    can anyone give me an idea of hwo they might conduct their
    "search" or what number of SERPs are too high
    or too low competition?

    and I know there are other ways of increasing serps by linking and other
    things, but for the purposes of this thread, I'm focusing on the article
    itself and the title

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