Any E-Commerce Script Like This?

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    I want to create an "e-commerce" local website, but it should be something like eBay - users would be able to register, post their articles, there would also be reputation and review system, major currencies supported (BitCoin, as well) etc.

    As I've learned a lot of WordPress lately, I was looking for such WP plugin, but couldn't find anything that could satisfy me. Is there such plugin anyway? I wouldn't mind working on any other CMS, as long as it's safe and fits my needs.

    Basically, it would be a smaller website for only local area here. eBay is probably the best example of it, or maybe this Austrian website which looks even simpler, yet it has it all.

    Please let me know if you know anything like that.

    EDIT: It should also let users choose their location - city/ZIP code.
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