Any dynamicly created WEBSITE SEO Tips?

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    Hi guys,

    my company just launched an odds comparating website TIPOMET (I am not allowed to post URL) as a side product of odds aggregating engine (investment of tens of thousands of dollars). It has been translated into several languages (translation is horrible at this point though), on each page are several keywords but each page is dynamicly generated. H1 is optimized for TEAM XXX vs TEAYM YY plus a keyword ODDS (in different languages).

    The website has been launched for two weeks now and shows some random traffic of about 10 UIP a day.

    I am a complete noob when it comes to SEO for dynamicly generated website. The only thing I know is that there is a bigger potential than 10UIP :). So my few of my complete noob question to more experienced SEO masters:
    1) How many pages is Google indexing? There must be tens of thousands of dynamicly generated pages, but webmaster tool says 16, if I use operator site, it shows about 15 000.
    2) Most of the UIP visits are just to sevral pages, mostly to one German League match. Did google index only these few several pages?
    3) Can Google index a page that is there for lets say 3 days only and than dissapers (page is generated when first bookie issues odds for a match and when the match is over, it ceases to exists).
    4) What can be done now to increase traffic? Obviously, backlinking will not work as there are thousands of pages that change every day.
    5) We have automatically generated sitemap.xls, can be anything more than in this?
    6) Any ideas/hints directions leading to increased traffic?

    Thanks for any opinions. There are only 3 to 5 sites in the world doing similiar thing, so I think this project has a potential. :cool: