another 'which niche to go for' thread

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    Nov 14, 2016
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    im just trying to think of something new to try.. something unlikely to be removed for copyright, low effort, and with a high chance of success obviously.
    is uploading old documentaries or even TV shows, zoomed in if necessary, a good route?
    MMA news channels seem popular too, but idk where they get all their content tbh.
    soft porn doesn't work well for me, it often gets removed and makes no money due to not being ad-friendly.
    SJW compilations seem hard to get views on.
    i'm kind of stuck right now.
    non-copyrighted music albums or compilations perhaps? a lot of old stuff doesn't have content ID and there's ways to get around copyright i think. i have a music channel with some albums monetized. music is notorious for being taken down, but all of my stuff is surprisingly still up after months after my recent uploads. but yeah probably not the best choice.
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