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    Take a Guess
    Google has started Goolgeplac*s

    If you have a cj account I suggest you look into their pay per call. You need it

    Go to cj and grab your custom phone number for any product you want to promote. They have quite a few now and the list is growing.

    After you your 800 number go to hxxp://

    List your business with a keyword rich title IE Discount Shoe center.
    They are going to ask for the addy of the biz so make sure you have access to the addy. If you opt out of having the phone number verified they will send you a postcard with a code to verify your biz

    Once you verify the code you have a free listing at the top of google for your area (Claim that you service 625 miles around you to have a 625 mile radius) Your ad will show to anyone looking for that local product in your 625 mile area.

    Every time your 800 number is called you will get paid as long as they stay on the phone. They will cause the cj number is their product.

    There ya go
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