Another Indian?

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    Im a 2nd year officer cadet for the Indian navy, a
    Oh yeah. :p

    I've been browsing Black hat world for a while now, now's as good a time as any to join i guess, so here I am.

    A bit about myself:

    The thing that got me to come to BHW to begin with, was the search for legitimate methods of making good, internet money. I believe this is true with a lot of the membership, I'm no exception.
    I'm a newb when it comes to the aforementioned endeavor, in every sense of the word. I'm 20 years old and have merely scratched the surface of online activity. Heck, i had my ps3 for 1.5 years now and only NOW have I started online gaming. I popped my online shopping's metaphorical cherry, only half a year ago.
    So yeah, i'm a newb. I do however intend to change that. I'm diligent, and with the right kind of guidance, which this site has an abundance of, I intend to come out with very deep pockets.

    This isn't to say that ALL i'll be doing is angling after money, I'm a dab hand at photoshop, I'm a gamer and I consider myself at least articulate, in the use of the English language. I'll make sure I use these minor skills to ingratiate myself to the general affiliation of the forum.