Anonymous ways to transfer and accept money?

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    i've thought about buying verified paypal accounts.
    but how will i cash out on the money deposited?
    I mean don't i need to attach paypal to my bank account?

    is there another way?

    are there ways I can make anonymous deposits and cashouts?

    i don't trust offshore banks.
    please let me know how it works. thanks.
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    how much money do you want to 'launder'? you can do it via freelancer sites

    im too lazy atm to write the method on my own words, so here's a copy-pasted method:
    "That's right. You'll be using Freelancer websites (such as,, and countless others) to get the money out. The process itself is incredibly simple, and to make it even simpler, here's a Step by Step guide for you:
    Step 1
    Create an account at one of the popular freelancing sites and use the name and details that you have used on the PayPal account that you want to get the money out from.
    *IMPORTANT* Make sure that the freelancing site you choose to use has an Escrow service. (Escrow service means that the money paid for services will be first paid to the account of the site, and only once the service has been completed it will be released to the worker.)
    Step 2
    Using this account, post a Job Request (task to be done) asking for a service that would usually cost close to the amount of money you want to 'clean up'. Make this job offer look legit and watch the countless number of freelancers offer you their services.
    Step 3
    Sign up on the same freelancing site, using a different IP (an open proxy or a WiFi hotspot is perfectly fine year) and you real name and PayPal information.
    Step 4
    Use the newly created account and make a bid on your own job offer - as if you would want to do the job.
    Step 5
    A few days later, return to the freelancing site with the first account you created, accept the bid that your second account made and pay the money to the freelancing site.
    Step 6
    After a couple of more days, log in again, claim that the work has been done (notifying the freelancing site that the payment can be released) and enjoy nice clean funds on your main PayPal account, ready to be withdrawn!
    This method has been working wonders for both me and a few of my close friends I have decided to share it with. The reason behind it is simple - PayPal has ABSOLUTELY NO WAY of finding out on which account did the money you sent ended up! This is especially true if the sum is, for example, $200 and the freelancing site is popular as there are tens if not thousands of similar transfers done every single day."

    you can transfer the money directly to a payoneer card, freelancer sites offer this option too, in case if you don't want to pay the money to your main paypal account
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    Hijacking Your System
    Many steps ahead & Behind 4 Proxies + double VPN!
    Alternative... buy a domain from yourself.
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    I dont know to much about all this but if you are creating another account with paypal they will be linked together...IP or not in order for you to verify your account you need to enter SSN or whatever...I havent read those ebooks on paypal etc but from what I understand the tracking is pretty sophisticated
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    Don't scare anyone from doing this, You can BUY verified accounts here by the dozens.

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    If you need an invoice for accounting, let me just point out that only rentacoder provides you with the invoice from Escrow company (them selves).

    In all other cases you get an invoice from coder (so- from yourself).

    Correct me if am wrong.
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    I just want to add that you should not keep using the same two paypal accounts numerous times. Have the account that you get paid to and keep changing the accounts that you use to pay the money to yourself, never use the same paying account more than twice at most. The reason for this is simple, if you ever come under suspicion for any activity then your local law enforcement will check the account you are using and will soon work out something is wrong when they see that you are always being 'hired' by the same 'person' to do work. Especially when you are unable to produce contact details for them or show any correspondance, they would probably want to see some evidence of the work you did for them as well as invoices, tax and VAT details. Obviously this would then get them very suspicious and would have them digging through all your affairs. This would include confiscating your computer and going through it with a fine tooth comb.
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    If you are american, you are fvcked. The US govt is like the kgb, they know everything. Now, if you are willing to do business in some foreign corrupt third world dump, then it gets easier.

    To do that, you'd preferably need to do all your bizness overseas. Never do bizness over email, everything is in some back office in person so they cannot electronically trace you. Many corrupt countries this is standard bizness practice, even among govt officials.

    You get some shady guys or even hard on their luck police to launder your funds. You log into some anonymous internet cafe in a 3rd country, and pay this guy to sell you some overpriced art pieces or jewelry for some cash. He get a cut of the pie for their help. He then hand you the money under the table. The cash is then squeeky clean. :cool:

    You can also use mules to withdrawal the paypal cash into their US checking accounts and wire you the money. Pick it up with a fake ID or use some other street mule for a cut.