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Anonymous-Proxies.net SUCKS - avoid

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Sophie, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Sophie

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    Mar 5, 2009
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    I am NOT posting this in the Shitlist section as I find it trivial.

    Okay, basically this is what happened:

    I was in need of proxies. I once used anonymous-proxies.net so I decided to just get my proxies from there.
    Initially, I purchased several VPN but had troubles installing it. Ciokan's response was slow and I needed to use it urgently.
    I, myself, was trying to find ways to get it working but to no avail. I could connect to the VPN but there was NO internet connection.
    I got frustrated and sounded off to him and asked for a refund.

    Instead, he asked if I'm okay with proxies instead. I agreed and he randomly threw me about 12 proxies.
    He didn't state whether it was for scrapebox or facebook use. So I assume it was able to use for spam.
    I load it in GSA and gave it a go.

    A few days later, he sent me a warning email saying that my account will be terminated if I get any further complaints. Because my proxies were flagged for spam. I sounded off to him saying that HE was the one whom issued me and what can I do about it. He removed all the proxies and asked me to get some news ones. DURING THIS TIME, I bought 4 more new proxies because I got 2 new VPS.
    I told him where are the "anonymous proxies that can be used for spamming". HE simply told me to select those proxies from LA or some state in US. I did. When everything was done, the proxies were activated and time for me to use.

    I load them in GSA and WTF. NONE of them were responding. I click "Test" and even ping but NONE of them responded. No replies, nada.
    I thought it was my VPS issue so I tried at my home's IP and other VPS... still NO response.
    I voice out to him and he said he has no opinion as his proxies are always fast.
    I got so pissed off that I hurled a few vulgarities (not to him but to my issue) and told him about all the troubles I've been through and his slow response. Okay, I know it's unprofessional of me to hurl vulgarities but it was really way beyond my limit.

    Another day went by and he finally responded saying he has issued me new proxies. I tried again and NONE of them were working once more.
    I finally ask for an immediate refund. He agreed. But there was no response from him so I just opened a dispute in paypal.

    Just a few hours ago, I got my refund but it was a PARTIAL refund for the 4 new proxies I bought. So I only got US$5 back. WTF!
    Okay, I don't mind not receiving the first 12 proxies refund because I used them beforehand. But these 4 new proxies... I COULDN'T even connect to them and use and he only issued a partial refund. The dispute in paypal is still opened but I will close it since he already issued a partial refund.

    Seriously WTF. Anonymous-proxies is terrible. Avoid at all cost.

    I'm not angry with the money. But how unprofessional and un-supportive his customer service is.