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Anonymous Host & privacy life

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by azrod, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. azrod

    azrod Newbie

    Jan 19, 2015
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    Good evening to all, and to all,

    First, thank you for taking the time to read my post Second, thank you to those that can possibly enlighten me on my next questions written below.

    I am currently in the process of opening a streaming site / file sharing for a nearby community. My goal would be to open a site with a stable / fast and easy to navigate CMS for novices.

    1) The safety of oneself: TOR + VPN Ipredator / or Privatvpn Vpnreactor
    - Your opinions on this VPN?

    2) Hosting: The board will contain movies (host on public platforms such as Vk / Youwatch) and mainly warez-linking (in the forum), for accommodation we choose Synwebhost, low pricing and I had good return on accommodation (also made the acceptance of the warez and ignores complaints DCMA), adding the Private Whois domain name.

    Your suggestions:
    - What do you think of the site synwebhost, which I am now?
    - Do you have a list of hosts Russian preference / offshore accepting the warez?
    - I remind you that the site host any physical file on the site!
    - I want a web host that has been approved by the members of your community if possible.

    I currently have a VPS based in Lithuania (without domain name) I wanted to host my WordPress CMS above.
    Being fairly new to the configuration and security of VPS. I wonder if it was possible to have a generous assistance of a member of your community to secure and launch the project.

    The host offers Shared offshore. The servers are in the Netherlands. Protection ID and whois it shows that their servers based in Switzerland.
    I wonder if the warezlinking / streaming is really more flexible in the Netherlands in 2015. At their IT law?

    I hesitate ... Knowing that even the simplest yet would be to have a Shared (For the management and the Cpanel interface I know). But ... as said before the Shared servers are in the Netherlands ...

    I await your opinions.

    3) Payment Methods: To pay for hosting I propose to proceed this way:

    VPN: NDD / HOSTING (On Fake name) + ID Protection --------------> Paysafecard (buy cash)> Bitcoin.

    Your suggestions:
    - This technique seems more concrete in terms of anonymity / security?
    - Do you have any other solutions?

    4) Advertising agencies : We wish to have governed the CPM (if possible)
    - Warez site: So forget Google AdSense ...
    - Pubdirecte: Its does not pay much.
    - CPM-FUN: I do not really know

    What do you pay the best CPM?

    5) Offshore Company : It is better to create a company in a tax haven. For her we chose: sfm-offshore (1950 € for the incorporation of the company in the Bahamas and € 1400 per year) Its been a chèrosse can still launch a board so we wait for the moment!

    - Your reviews of other site or have it can create companies, getting an offshore bank account quickly?

    It is not expected to have 10,000 visits / month at launch, but we prefer to have a step ahead of the project's progress.

    Excuse me, Especially for many misspellings and synthase possible. I do not speak much English :/.

    Thank you for reading. I am open to all reviews, opinions, suggestions about my project.

    Best Regards,