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    ♕ Free Fast and Secure EXE to DIRECT Links ♕


    ☆ Features ☆

    1-Free Fast and Secure
    2-Drag and Drop Allowed
    3-Direct Link After Upload
    4-Clean and Sexy GUI
    5-Permanent Storage of All Files
    7-All Files Allowed
    Max File Size Allowed = 2MB

    ♕ Q : There are so many Alternatives available out there, why should I use yours? ♕

    You can use the Service as Anonymous guests too. I had a Domain a hosting and the script to spare so I decided to launch this thing. Since its a free service, please do not abuse it and use it wisely. Bookmark it for all of your future Direct Link issues.

    ♕ Usage Tutorials and Instructions? ♕

    - None, Just Drag n Drop and Enjoy

    ♕ Allowed File Types ♕

    - EXE JAR PNG SRC DOC XLS RAR ZIP.... and many more. If you need some custom extension allowed, Just shoot me a PM.
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