Android Emulators. Looking for some advice.

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    Ok so, I'm trying to run a setup using multiple Android emulators, but seem to be hitting some issues.

    Basically, what I need to do is be able to run multiple instances of Android, each with their own login/apps etc, basically if it was like having multiple phones each with their own gmail login etc.

    Bluestacks is out of the question. I tried Genymotion, but it doesn't come with Google Play services, and I have to manually install it AND ARM support, and even then, some of the apps I need to run won't. (Due to Genymotion no longer coming with ARM support - it's a developer platform, not an end user product)
    I'm currently using Windroye, which works, but I can't seem to get more than one unique instance of it running. I can make additional instances, but those seem to have the same apps/login as the original. That, and I can't run more than once instance at once. Ugh.

    Ok, so, I just need some advice and a recommended emulator. How can I get more than unique instance of Android running? I'm usually a droid wiz - I've been rooting, jailbreaking and flashing phones for years, so this is making me feel stupid. I guess it's due to my lack of knowledge with Virtual Machine.

    Bonus kudos if you can point me to a guide on setting up bots or multiboxer type programs for managing multiple emulations at once. Thanks!
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    I haven't done this in a while but you create 'virtual' devices essentially for each xtra instance.

    With AVD Manager on Android SDK you go to Eclipse, window and then like AVD Manager or something

    Then you go virtual devices and New and you name it and set all the settings you desire

    You now have a second instance of Android running virtually and the apps don't repeat they are all unique (they will start the same but you can add/remove and it will only change in the one instance)
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