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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by fobulis, Jun 25, 2014.

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    I am currently starting an app company and have spent a lot of money creating my first few apps. I am looking for a cheaper, more cost effective way to dish out new apps. Hiring developers and paying huge money to develop an app doesn't seem like the best approach for me. Are there any alternatives? Any help is appreciated.

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    I think a huge problem with the app market is, people see stories on 60-minutes of people making millions of an app. They hear stories of apps like flappy bird and think if they too make an app, no matter how good it is, they will also make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, it's not true and the app business is just like any other.

    It depends what type of apps you're making and what aspect of the app you're trying to cut costs on. There are not several technologies you can use to develop apps, such as Unity 3D, Cordova (Phonegap) and the classics. I'm not completely sure about this area but I would be guessing that quality is much better than quantity.