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    Apr 19, 2012
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    So last week I posted about how I found a keyword and bought an EMD for it, installed wordpress etc etc etc
    So now Im 7 days in, i've posted some content, fiddled around with wordpress to get the format the way i like it (still not perfect yet)
    lastnight I got Cuterank and thought i'd share my results with you
    I have done very little backlinking, i think i've posted on maybe 4 forums and that's it
    I have 6 main keywords I'm going for
    One of them im ranked 17th for google which has me very excited
    Pretty much all the others are ranking around 50th
    it's not the greatest but I think its awesome considering the site is so new
    Im not ranking yet on yahoo or bing
    but im ranking 40th on 3 of my keywords for ask
    So far so good will post more updates soon :)