an idea i've had for some time.

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    Good day everyone!

    I have been working on a project for quite some time. I have spent many hours (MANY) hours coding a site that automatically creates websites (Such as wix, webs, etc). The difference is, this targets my specific region - and caters to businesses specifically.

    I've got a few ideas as far as marketing goes, and I have already owned a repair shop in town - so I already have connections into networking groups, etc.

    I plan on charging per site. Of course I am SEO'ing it, and offering addon services , etc. What do you think is fair to charge? I've been thinking in the 199 base set up fee, and a recurring 10? I'd like to make some money off of it, but some sort of residual would be nice too. I also plan on taking a swing at ORM - but only once I build my client base.

    What do you think is fair to charge? If this works, I may let my script go for a reasonable number,, I've put alot of work into it, including a full scale administration panel.

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    Depends on the location + business type + quality of the site produced as well as any chance of the site actually producing leads/prospects (if that's the goal of the site).

    Your prices seem quite reasonable to me in terms of affordability for small businesses imo. Actually maybe too low.

    Most people forget this, but you can get public records of ALL new business filings in your county etc. A unique approach is to give them a "welcome to the small biz community" basket or whatever. Fill it with discounts for office supplies, informational packets, etc. Maybe even free movie tickets for when things get too stressful, etc.

    Position yourself as a "friend" in the industry and that you are excited to see them grow and prosper. And also that you are there for them in a consultative capacity if they need any help with promotions, ORM, etc.

    SIDE NOTE: Depending on what your script does and the quality I may be interested in buying a private copy (not for resale)? When you are "all systems go" would you mind shooting me an example site built with it? I would be using the script in my "lead gen" campaigns.

    Best regards,
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    kboxer7 is right.

    I have been thinking about the whole offline thing for a while too. It really depends on
    * where you are ... New York prices are going to be fairly different from Nowherville, Utah.
    * what sort of business you are targeting ... and how much value they can expect from their sites. Someone whose business can benefit from an impromptu search on google is going to pay more than someone who has little to gain from a website.
    * Tied to the above, and related to the quality of your sites
    - a plumber can afford to have a shitty looking site with a big call to action that is SEO'ed to hell
    - a consulting firm on the other hand will care less about the SEO, and more about the image their site projects.

    I have been building sites for a while, and signing up customers is hard. I am changing tact now.

    Less focus on the bling, and more focus on the $$. So OK sites that make bank vs custom designs that get 10 visitors per month. I am tired of custom designs that take ages to build. Now want to focus on quick'n-dirty-but-does-the-job.

    One more thing. Sell the sizzle, and not the meat. Contrast these two very different sales pitches when you walk into a restaurant.
    * Sir, would you like a piece of flesh from the rear end of a foreign cow that we've had in storage for almost a month?
    * Sir, can I interest you in a 21 day aged succulent Argentinian rump steak?
    Same product. Different pitch.

    Just to throw it out there, I discovered a company that charges $1k to $2k for really really really shit sites. Not sure if I should post their link here, but what the heck. .. the sites they have built for their clients are just as ugly as the one they have there. But there are a few of them.

    So, the right price to charge is ideally a fraction of the value that you are delivering to the client, and one that covers your costs.

    That way, everyone walks away from the transaction happy.
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    $200-300 is fine for a site but monthly subscription should be increase a bit.Think about it.