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    Here's my experience.

    Like every other average college joe out there, I was looking for ways to earn supplementary income without busting my balls through working multiple part-time jobs. In the country I live in, big multinationals pay fresh college grads $800 a month and fast food restaurants pay part-timers a measly $1 an hour.

    Now if I calculate my potential monthly earnings, the most I'd get is $800 (for an 8-5 job) + $80 ($1 * 4 hours a day * 20 days a month) + $60 (2 side gigs on weekends) = $880. That's a measly $3.30/hr with no rest or time for family and personal interests. And if you calculate the potential expenses e.g. medical bills from exhaustion, it becomes $as.df!

    So I began looking at IM because it's pretty much the simplest way to scale up my earnings without splitting myself into 10 of mini me working more part-time jobs. I started reading about IM in February and after 2 long months worth of reading, information paralysis and consultations with people I'll name later in this post, I took the plunge. I ventured into PPC armed with only a measly $250.

    Plenty of people in the real world hate spoonfeeding, the same applies on BHW. I read tons and tons of posts from people with jr VIP and above tags complaining about newbies pestering and begging the living daylights out of them. I was a newbie and I totally understand the urge to ask for an easy way out. I personally feel I was guilty of this too. So what I did to snap out of this was literally superimposed my face on the picture of a beggar I found on the internet. And boy that was the kick in the ass I needed. I did that because I felt I lacked the motivation. It was the magic pill I needed. A picture of a beggar with my face and the proverb "Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime" became my source of motivation. I decided I no longer want to beg (or ask for advice incessantly if you will) so I straightened myself and started getting organised.

    I won't pretend I'm an expert because I haven't gotten my first check yet but what I have achieved so far is I've multiplied my monthly IM income from a measly $3 in the first month to $30 now in the fourth month. If all goes as planned, I'll get my first check next month. I hope my sites will pass the scrutiny of watchful eyes for my first check.

    What I did was simple. I had a total of 3 documents. 1 for general stuffs I read about PPC, 1 for information that I've filtered once, and the last for information that I've filtered and scrutinised twice. By doing that I managed to come up with a list of the most important factors in PPC. I'm not an entrepreneurial guy by nature, so I still had reservations even after I scrutinised the information I've collected twice!

    I was insecure but I didn't want to beg, so I dug from the bins of knowledgeable people like BassTrackerBoats. Like I mentioned earlier, I was guilty of pestering a person and Greg was the guy I pestered most. And I'm grateful he generously answered most of my borderline annoying emails so I didn't feel like bogging him down with emails because he had already been generous, it was up to me to chart my next moves.

    The next step I took was borderline stalking behaviour. But it is effective because I achieved my goal: to learn as much as I can from a knowledgeable member WITHOUT pissing him off. What I did was check Greg and some other reputable members' profiles daily for their new posts and threads. I hope I'm not scaring Greg and others but it truly is an effective way to learn because knowledgeable guys like Greg post informative posts daily. What I needed to do was only to read between the lines. From reading Greg's profile, posts and threads daily, I managed to synthesize a bunch of otherwise overwhelming information. From SEO practices to keyword research, I've gotten plenty.

    To my fellow newbies, if you keep waiting for handouts like I was, you will receive a measly sum at best. What you want to do is to continuously teach and equip yourself with skills.

    2 golden rules I've learnt:
    1) Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime
    2) Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.

    I noticed I've rambled on quite a bit so I'll stop here. But I hope this helps my fellow newbies move forward in IM. This thread is also a shoutout to BassTrackerBoats, Chiky_cin, Daniel16 and some other guys I've contacted throughout the months. These guys have been very generous and truly deserve a bow from me.
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    Hey man, you have spank, I like it! You can write your own articles, that's for damn sure!
    What's the area you want to tackle? I'm willing to donate one of my unused domains or websites for your adventure or support you in some other way as you show the initiative and that's HUGE!

    BTW - if you need some quick cash - offer article writing - you have nice style.
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    You write really well, if you are poor you should write articles and sell them.
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    Inspiring read. I like the part where you anchored the beggar
    asking for money to a picture of your face. This similar to what
    I do. (In NLP, we call that anchoring).

    You did well sir.

    Congrats for taking action.