An amazon affiliate question


May 16, 2015
I am from india and i promote and use cheque as my payment option.It takes a lot of time.So,i wanted to ask other indians promoting is there any other way to payout??
I am no Indian, but it's the same for non-US advertisers.
There is no other payment method other than cheque.

Edit: You could open a bank account in the US of course, completely legal.
Don't they also pay in Amazon gift certificates? You can then sell the GC for cash online.
Payoneer is a possibility, there is / was an official rep on BHW
I dont get the payoneer option,only cheque,u.s direct deposit and gift certificates
You insert the Payoneer details as "US Direct Deposit". It works fine and I think Payoneer and Amazon just started to work together again (remember that I got some mail about that recently). Good luck!
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