AMR To Web 2.0 Site Question

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by rds3476, Mar 16, 2011.

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    Hey guys...

    For those of you who use Article Marketing Robot or a similar piece of software and are using them to build backlinks to your web 2.0 properties, I have a question for you...

    Say you have 6 separate W2.0 sites pointing to your money site. You then plan spin an article to use in AMR to point to those W2 sites. When you do this, do you have 1 round of blasting pointing to all 6 web 2.0 sites? (as in you spin the 6 URL's in your article when you put the article in AMR)

    Or... Do you do 6 separate blasts pointing to the 6 separate W2 sites?

    Or... Do you do 3 separate blasts and including 2 links to cover all those 6 W2 sites?

    If you do multiple blasts, will you use the same spun article in each blast or will you create a brand new spun article for each blast?

    So many options, just looking for what the best one is...
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    I think good idea would be do 2x3 since in most cases you can have 2 links in article. Or you could submit more than that if you want. I suggest you use new article for every blast.