AMR, BMD, Scrapebox and all things Black (hopefully gray) hat

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    Hello everyone!

    Long time reader, first time poster here at BHW.

    I discovered SEO a bit more than a year ago and by now have 3 web sites. 2 of them only have 3 pages of content and I ranked the first one, pure white-hat. Ranks on #4 or #5 right now. Earns a few bucks every month. Recently I started working on my next thing, it was created with more content in mind, a medium site 50-100 articles. All of theme were supposed to be all vanilla.

    Anyways, after a while I found that I just don't have the attention span and patience to build links manually and I currently don't have the cash to outsource the I decided to wanter off into the gray-ish regions of SEO.

    So far I have AMR (Which I haven't tried out yet) and BMD (which I use so far, but more about that later on)

    Here I saw that Scrapebox comes very highly recommended so I decided that I'll buy it soon, but before I do I wanted to do some research and ask for some advice about a few things.

    By now I only used BMD and I did some 100-120 submissions every day, but never more than 2 URLs from the same site to the same SB site (if that makes sense) and I always mix it up with different sites to avoid getting flagged as a spammer BUT only recently I read here that your'e supposed to use proxies with it. So basically do I have to use proxies with it (more proxy related questions to come)

    I haven't tried AMR so far, because I read that it requires proxies as well and I currently don't have any.

    At this point I would like to know how I can keep my site as vanilla as possible with these tools. So far I used BMD directly on my site links, but once I found about SB I figured in order to keep my site under the radar it's probably better to do something like this.

    Create Web 2.0, Youtube videos, blogspots, wordpress blogs and so on and on and link back to my money site, then blast those satellite pages with AMR, SB and BMD. Is this the way to go ?

    Another thing I would like to know is the cost associated with running these tools, I don't have a lot of cash on my hands at this time so I'm looking to get off with as little as possible.

    So far I figured that I absolutely need private proxies for SB, for posting and I need to find some way to harvest the public ones for well...harvesting with SB. How much will the private ones cost me on a monthly basis and how many will I need ?

    The other cost that I had in mind is VPS, I know that this probably isn't a must but please tell me of the advantages of it compared to self hosting it on your own machine.

    Looking forward to your replies :)
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    Ya dont need proxies for AMR dude. Just blast away with it. Make sure you use well spun articles.