AMR (article marketing robot) Live Links After 1 Month

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by BHMan, Jun 7, 2012.

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    I bought AMR early this year and I was having very low success rates with my live links. I would only get around 70 live links. I write my own articles, manually spin everything - article, titles, summaries, resource box - all that jazz. I found my own directories from various places (including BHW) and didn't have much luck. Finally, I bought an AMR directory list of Fiverr in April and woopee - after doing my first submission with that list I got 375 live links. I did that submission on April 24 - the 375 live links report was from April 26.

    This week, I submitted a new article to the same directories and my success rate was worse than ever before. So today I decided to go back and MANUALLY check every one of the 375 live links from April. Of those 375 original links, 241 links are no longer in existence which leaves me with only 134 live links from my late April submission.

    I feel I need to re-evaluate my SEO tactics in regards to AMR and article submissions. Because if the longevity of these links lasts only a month and beyond a month who knows - then it's a grand waste of my time. If I have to scrape / purchase new directory lists every month, then that's information that I have to take into account before I continue using AMR - which I probably will continue to use but with far less expectations. If you have to be good at scraping directories in order to keep using AMR - that's info that newbies need to be aware of before getting the software so as not to be disappointed.

    If anyone else has tested what I have please share your numbers. And for people who seem have high success - other than saying it's all about having good content and good article spinning jargon (because I already do that), it would be good to know how often you add new directories and whether you purchase your lists or scrape them yourself?
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    I used AMR A LOT last year. and last year it was very very very powerful this year i'm not seeing anywhere the same results Prolly cause of panda/penguin whatever. but the thing about your post that caught my attention is almost always after a month the site would fall off the 1st page. These were all very easy keywords to rank for. This could very well be the reason why. I've stopped since using AMR and went on to diff link building methods and i'm seeing consistent stable results.
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    Hmm.. I did try scraping once using Scrapebox. But got little results since I was still learning how to use Scrapebox. So I just picked up any article directories available for free here and there. Blacklisted the non-working ones. I have 500+ successful submissions with all the lists I got, so I don't have to scrape more directories for the meantime.

    I don't bother checking live links. As long as I have many successful submissions, I'm happy, and just keep on blasting every day until the submission rate drops significantly. Maybe by then I will have learned how to master scraping with Scrapebox to get the more article directories. But really, it's really more like a numbers game when it comes to AMR.

    If you really want results, try the manual submission to high PR article directories. Don't worry about spinning it. Just write an 'original' quality article and syndicate it.