AMR and Wordpress Password ?

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    Hi all
    You know when we signup a wordpress directory, it will give us a random password. But if you are using AMR, you signup for about thousands directories so you can't edit site by site to your password that you choose.

    How to auto setup password for list wordpress directories with AMR ???

    I do this step by step:
    1. Signup
    2. Confirm
    3. Hightlight and tick some sites. Right Click -> Choose Login Details -> Choose Edit Login Details and set the password that I want. Choose Apply To Select Sites then Click OK, it will show a popup:
    Proceed with modifying Usename and Password -> Click Yes
    4. Confirm again

    But the new password these sites give me is another random password.

    How to do now ?
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    I understand your question...but I don't understand why you would want anything other than the automatic password.