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Amplifr - anyone using it ?

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by MisterF, Jul 11, 2017.

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    Seen a crazy offer on this and want to know if anyone is using it or more importantly recommends it?
    1. Scheduling. No more going to each and every site or using tools that will only post on some of your accounts. Just pick a day and time and Amplifr will post on all of your accounts. The ML-based best posting time prediction will make sure your posts see optimal engagement and conversions (so you can make money!).
    2. Analytics. See daily stats, single post stats, how many conversions you're getting on each post, and compare and plan for the future with an analytics dashboard. Email weekly digests, create automated Excel reports and send reports to customers. Yes, it can track newsletter signups, purchases or anything you want on your website!
    3. Collaboration. Amplifr streamlines content management and workflow. New team members instantly have access to data, projects, clients, and social media accounts. Collaborators can plan content, post, and analyze the metrics. (You can control what team members have access to.)

    The first deal, which is valued at $2,880, comes with:

    • Up to 30 social media accounts
    • Unlimited scheduled posts
    • Up to 3 projects
    • Up to 3 collaborators
    • Up to 3 post sources (RSS or Instagram)
    • Up to 3 conversion events analyzed
    Which is $49 lifetime offer

    OR for $99 lifetime

    And for those of you that need a little more, the Agency deal, which is valued at $4,800, comes with:

    • Up to 50 social media accounts
    • Up to 5 projects
    • Up to 10 collaborators/clients
    • Up to 10 repost sources
    • Unlimited scheduled posts
    • Content collaboration, preview, and pipeline
    • Unlimited Project KPIs and dashboard

    So, who uses this platform, is it any good and would you go for it?

    One buyer says;
    I've used Buffer, Hootsuite, Social Pilot, Sendible, Fan Page Robot, MeetEdgar and every other social media scheduling app around. Amplifr is definitely in the top 3 right now and I can see it moving to position 1 as soon as I get comfortable with it.