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    Excuse the catchy title.

    So I put up a prod on Amazon for $289.99 because I could get it for $249.99. It sold. I discovered I won't get my money from Amazon. Visiting the folks right now. They funded me the money. Ordered and now have $30 or $40 so profit once I get the money.

    Here's my question. From reading the Amazon forum, it appears that no matter who you are or how long you have been selling, you'll never get your money UNTIL you first ship the item. That really sucks a lot!

    So is there any alternative store where I would get my money right away? And if not, would it be worth just setting up an e-commerce store? My big concern, however, is that I'll spend money on the domain AND the shopping cart, only to get nowhere because of a horrible, evil man known as Matt Cutts, aka Google Vader.

    Any dropshipping ideas? Any success with e-commerce?

    Tnx! And I'm heading to bed so will get back to this tomorrow. Much appreciation!
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    It's true, Amazon sends out payments to sellers in pre-arranged dates (usually twice a month, sometimes once a month).

    You can start your own e-commerce store, but you won't get the traffic as you do on Amazon. IMHO It might take you a solid 6-12 months to get some decent sales and exposure. In contrast on Amazon you can get that almost immediately.

    Don't let the lag time of the payments throw you off course, it might be a big deal to you now but sooner or later once you have a good amount in your checking you'll be happy you stuck around.

    You can always open an e-commerce store after you have made money on Amazon (due it simultaneously - and yes it will cost you to open in a good e-commerce store).

    If you need more help, PM me.
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    Isn't it very obvious? If I were Amazon, I'd do the same thing. Just stay there, no problem though. Earning money needs to be patient