Amazon selling questions, need help.

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    Hi all,

    Have a few questions how selling on Amazon works.

    I have a friend who receives gifts allot from Amazon from her fans. She uses a gift address to block her identity.

    When she receives her gifts they are always marked From Amazon, and Amazons address in one big giant box when she recives multiple items from her list from one fan.

    Now Im guessing that the seller of the items is requested to send the items to Amazon, then it is re packaged into one box by Amazon and sent to the gift address?

    In this case, is this ALWAYS Amazons process? or this only happen with gift addresses?

    Reason I ask is, she is quite overwhelmed with shoes, Dresses, and other trinkets and we are going to generate some $$ instead. The plan is to open a e-commerce site where she may add items with the Universal Wishlist option. Order comes though, money is collected, no real physical item is sent out since she is the one who's receiving them.

    Now if I had to send each item to Amazon for packaging this would make things more difficult. As back to my primary question, does this happen only with Gift Addresses, or also with physical 911, or forwarding PO boxes also?

    Thansk all,
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    Hi agkfal,

    I've worked with Amazeon for a while now and think I can answer your question correctly.

    Item that you want sent as a gift can only be bought from Amazon itself and not any of its third party sellers (unless they are a preferred seller or have an FBA account). This is because, as mentioned in your post, sellers would have to send items to Amazon and Amazon would have to resend the items the the dispatch address.

    When items are bought as gifts from Amazon, the buyers name and address are kept confidential.

    To answer your primary question, this only happens with gift addresses.

    Hope this helped​