amazon seller verification, help needed

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    Hello i'm trying to start a dropship website and i want to add amazon payments to the payments options to let the site be more trustful to the customer.

    i went to the amazon seller, i logged in with my amazon login details and started the registration to the amazon seller, i have four options there that must be filled to complete the account registration.

    1. Your selling plan
    2. Charge method
    3. Seller information
    4. identity verification

    1. the first step is the easy one, i completed that one.

    2. for the second i need a credit card to be verified, i'm not in the united states and i think i need a vcc to use it to that step, the payoneer, payza or neteller vcc will work on that step or i need to buy other vcc to be verified at amazon seller ?

    3. the third step ask an address, can i use an address from a my delivery company ? (i have some kind of box on usa where i can send my purchases from amazon and that company send them to me)

    4. here i need a phone number, is a put an united states address i need to put here a number for united states, i have signed up on, i got my miami-florida number, but i put it on amazon and ask amazon to send me an sms and i got nothing.

    the last question that i have, is concerning the entire account, is better go with a clean and new account or can i use my current amazon account for the amazon seller service ?

    sorry for the lot of questions, but i need some help and didn't found anything about this on google.