Amazon Secrets: Resell For Riches BlackHat Edition

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    This was a big secret of mine for like 7 months, now I want to share this method on here. I was selfish, but hell here is a gold mine for you. Thecost is being patched or saturation, but Amazon cannot stop you if you setup correctly. You are not allowed to move this to jrvip without asking me, you are not allowed to rehash this method as a WSO and sell it. It is to remain free and open.

    What YOU will need to BANK with this method:
    Amazon Associates Access
    Research of White Hot Products
    Expansion Locally and Beyond

    Amazon Associates and your slaves!

    Income earners are a lovely bunch of people. They will DO anything, even cheating, to make a quick buck online. You will need to pay these people for their time, so why not just cut them in on the action too? Your main goal is to buy a Amazon Card for $$$ product amount while paying these people and keeping profits for yourself. Setup is easily laid out below (maybe even the community will band together and help each other earn).

    The Breakdown

    1. You'll need your Amazon Associates ID and that of several others.
    2. You'll need a way for secure payments, perhaps Amazon Payments (2.9% fee + $0.30) or something more secure.
    3. They need to buy the card first through your link before you pay them a commission on it.
    4. If you can't find anybody then you'll need to be a discrete blackhat and buy your own cards, you'll recieve great pay back later on.
    5. The cards earn you 6% as they are redeemable on Amazon.
    6. Maybe you just want them to do Amazon Reviews? They purchase, get reimburse, and you give them like x% of your profits per review!

    Your competitor's items are your items now!

    Isn't it strange that your competition will be helping you out so much? They work hard to get products and sell them, and all you do is buy their products to resell for a profit. Granted you are making them some kind of money, but even so you are earning money back. Below are the steps outlined for you to follow and change as you will.

    The Breakdown

    1. Research Analysis of median new product price (including shipping).
    2. If it is fulfilled by Amazon, check taxes, if not check shipping and reviews, looking for the cheapest price.
    3. You will list the product at the median level, buying out all the low level items to resell at a higher value.
    4. When buying through your Amazon Associates links (or having your slaves do the work), your Amazon gift card trick comes into play. (Item Costs $500, your gift card trick has you with $500 and a 6% or $30 commission bonus in the mail). If you had to share commision with some of the buyers, it'll knock on your profits, but calculation is worth it in the end to make sure you profit.
    5. For a white hot pc product, you get 4% commision per sale. ($500 pc item, $500 card, $30 in the mail, $20 in the mail). You get the product for around $450 (calculated with the $50 in mail) not including tax or shipping fees.
    6. You are going to relist your white hot product for the median (in this case $500). (Amazon will take 8.16% or $40.80 in fees for the pc product, which will leave you with $9.20 from the sale and $50 coming in the mail.)
    7. You made $59.20 from this sale strategy. ($20 whitehat Amazon Commission as that is based on 4% of $500 sale price).

    Is this worth it? Yes! What happens if I don't want to sell on Amazon? Expand!

    You'll be doing the 10% trick and knocking off 5% to undersell that luxury PC locally or to your lovely loyal followers on social media. With this twist, be sure to do your calculation of promotions right, as you want to make sure you make profits, not get stiffed because you hate selling on Amazon.

    This is as blackhat as Amazon can get without scamming people, or reselling used as new. Go crazy with it, but don't go HAM on a new account or else you will get banned. When buying through your own Amazon Links, stealth accounts are needed as well as fake information. This is why partners are wonderful (I have never solo'd it before), but sometimes just looking for vacant housing and fake information will do, as long as you are able to get away with it. Hell, even just use your work address, or a post office box can be fine, as long as Amazon receives their money!

    1. You need to buy item price amount in Amazon Git Card balance through a Amazon Associates link you own.
    2. You will buy your competitors cheapest product in a white hot product niche (i.e. computers) and resell it at the median.
    If your competitor is the median, you will buy their product and resell at the median once you have a order to fulfill.
    3. You can expand by using this trick to buy products at discounted pricing, and resell with x% off (keeping some profits for yourself and being cheaper than Amazon) to your fans, friends, or local shoppers.
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