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    Hi there,
    Does anybody have experience designing MNS' for amazon purposes that would be willing to discuss it with me?

    Right now I have a site that last month did quite well for me. I made over 700 for February as I was #1 for my main keyword, but it has recently dropped to #3 and is making little right now. Despite my recent (small) success, I want to optimize it and my other similar projects.

    Right now the website simply looks like an article, in which I talk about the product, and have a link to Amazon for each brand of the product. My site looks pretty bland though, and I am wondering if this turns off or appeals to consumers looking for information on the product. I am using wordpress so I am somewhat limited in what I can do (also limited with my skills, although I learn quite quickly whatever I attempt to do).

    I feel a consumer looking for information on a product might get turned off by a professional "store" type website, as those are a dime a dozen. If I am ranked #1 and they click to me, and see a "article/blog post" type site, they may be inclined to read more and click the links, because it might be a trusted user/product reviewer sharing their real experience, not just a store trying to sell the item.

    Has anyone much experience with this who would be willing to discuss it with me, or share opinions on what format of site is best for a specific targetted keyword MNS?

    Thanks so much,