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Amazon Journey to $1000 Month

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by WebTG, Dec 27, 2016.

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    Mar 18, 2015
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    This is my first journey on BHW and i will try my best to make it a success.

    I am working on this site from last 3 months, published few articles and abandoned it,

    but now i have decided to only for work this site and not to start any other project till i achieve this target.

    What completed

    As already mentioned this site is running from last 3 months and 5 articles are published.

    I have subscribe for premium membership of KWFinder and found some exact match low competition keywords.

    I will do more in-depth research for keywords till next 2-3 days.

    I have hire a freelance local writer and explained to him what kind of article i want and he is writing for me new articles targeting low competition keywords.

    Below is the screenshot of current month analytics.


    as you can see big hike in the traffic, its because of i tried meatheads method and also did some social media spaming, but i don't like spaming so i stopped it, and i will not use these methods again at-least for this site.

    This site also has some bot traffic (Not Bought by me).


    As i already mentioned i will target low competition keywords but if article will show good improvement in the ranking for broader keywords then i will do some Blog Commenting to boost its ranking and if it will be brought to second/third page then i will buy some pbn links to bring them to the first page.


    I will use serplab to keep track of my keywords as it is free and good for keeping track of keywords.

    Instead of using single keywords i will use below tab as i have decided to target many keywords and it will be difficult to add that long screenshot on BHW.


    As you can see keywords number is very low, that is because i have just started focusing on this project and new articles are about to published on this site, so as new articles will be published, new keywords will be added to the list.

    Now i will do some Blog Commenting on High DA Sites to increase its Domain Authority.

    I will Update this thread Weekly or Fortnight.
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