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    Hey guyz ,
    I want to ask a question , me and my partner decided to build an fba account on amazon . Our plan is finding niche on bestseller amazon and wholesaling ong and put in amazon , so i want to ask you can you give me a ratio of which cost amazon will take us from per sale every operation they've done . Thank you .

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    $39.95 a month for Pro Merchant. FBA fees are separate, and vary according to different factors, such as how many cubic feet you are asking for. You will get paid every two weeks, and your money will be frozen until the coming of Jesus if you sell too much too fast. Your pictures will not be your own any more. You can't watermark them and they will be frozen on Amazon for all eternity until the coming of Jesus. Your business name will be frozen in time for all eternity on Amazon until the coming of Jesus. Think hard before you get into this. The money is good, but it's like a cult. After you leave, your past will follow you forever.
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    If I could give you some advice with FBA, don't get involved with sending books from Alibaba to FBA.

    With FBA, there is a term called "Feeding the Beast" - and if you stop sending in to Amazon, your sales stop. Seriously. You can send in $100,000 worth of inventory one month, and if you don't send in anything the next 2 months, your sales will stop and whatever you didnt sell in that first month will sit in their warehouse and will stay there so fees can be collected each month. Never mingle your inventory. I know a lot of people that just buy items at thrift shops and they send them in, and they spend probably $1000 a month, they sell $1200 within a month and get a $200 profit, but then they think "well, I've got another $2000 worth of inventory sitting in their warehouse, so its kind of like I spent $1000 and turned it into $4200!" when in Reality, they only made that $200 profit. Then at the end of the year, they've spent thousands on storage fees and they have to spend much more just to get their items back when their accountant slaps some sense into them. I know a guy that spent $120,000 on crap he sent into Amazon and every month he gets a check for $300 and he feels like he's figured things out.
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    Development Manager still working for the man.
    Weed is legal here!

    Go on big G and search for "FBA calculator". You will be able to choose the item that you are selling and plug in your listing price. The calculator will deduct all of the Amazon fees, estimated inbound shipping (this varies; I live in the Houston, Tx area so most of my shipments go to an FBA warehouse in Indiana), and warehouse fees; the system knows the exact dimensions of a product.

    Books are great! most books are subject to between one cent and three cents per month. A regular textbook, larger than most books, is subject to three cents a month.

    From time to time I notice a book on Abe or Alibaba that I could flip, however, there are other means of acquiring books that will prove much more fruitful.

    If you like I will share what I know through PM. I don't want to create any more competition in my particular (very populated) area.

    Don't listen to "nay-sayers" about the fees. Once you know how to look at the data regarding sales rank, availability (who is also selling, how many, and for how much), price point, and weight, you will see more things out there that are profitable than you could ever buy.
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    that sounds interesting Mr Monkey...could you PM me about the last paragraph?