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Discussion in 'Ebay' started by ChadWesty, Jun 10, 2014.

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    After creeping around this forum like a teenager peeping in Kate Upton's bedroom, I decided to finally start something. I figured I do not have a lot of experience within the SEO side of IM, however, I do understand Keywords, etc... when it comes to eBay selling.

    My question(s) to you is:

    I have a year-old eBay account w/ 14 positive reviews (100% overall), and a 100 item/5K trading limit. I am not expecting 5K worth in items to be sold, however the 100 items may become an issue. My method will be MOSTLY Amazon (and wallyworld, any big retail store perhaps) dropshipping. Obviously when asking for a raise in the selling limit, should I just BS a story on why I am selling a wide variety of items?

    Secondly, is using my parent's 9-year old amazon account (w/ prime) OK to dropship from? I understand using Prime free shipping is frowned upon and can get your amazon account banned, but will Amazon really care as long as i'm not selling hundreds of products a day? (If that ever happened I would create some stealth accounts).

    Lastly. What are my options for getting a different amazon account that I can use to dropship? Should I create my own, and then just build up my reputation by selling only 10-15 products per account, per month?