Amazon Based Dropshipping Questions

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    Dec 1, 2016
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    I am new into dropshipping. I am buying from a wholesale website and selling it on Amazon.

    Now I want to know-

    A) When I add a product in Amazon that already exists in Amazon, I click on “Sell On Amazon” then my Product get listed Under the SHADOW of the Existing product as “New (4) from $xx) . Why is that? Probability of Sale of my product gets low very much. Seller who enlisted the product for the very first time (before me) gets all the advantage and higher probability of sale of his product. How to deal with that?

    B) Is it possible to enlist a product which will appear on the list separately, not as “More buying options” or “New (4) from $xx” (though the product already available on Amazon)?

    C) My dropship company can deliver items in 1-3 (max time they need they said) but why Amazon shows my delivery time of 12-19 days? Who goanna buy my product if I take 12 to 19 days just to deliver the product? How to deal with that? (My dropship company is based on Georgia, US and my profile show I am shipping from Manitoba, Canada)

    Thank you.