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    Hello guys, I'm just getting started with Amazon Associates and I have a question:

    When I get the link of a product from my AA dashboard, it also includes an HTML image tag with a tracking pixel attached to it. When someone loads the page of my website where the HTML code is present, it adds a click to my Amazon stats, even without them clicking through to the product.

    The issue is that I don't want my stats to be inflated in a fake way, because it would ruin my tracking and optimizing methods. However, I am afraid that if I just copy the link and the text provided by AA, they might ban my account (I've seen a lot of threads having issues with linking and getting banned lately).

    So can anyone shed some light on this mystery and whether I should remove it, or let Amazon keep judging my traffic and inflating the stats?
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    Dude it will only add 1 count when you first create and that's it, it is not going to keep bumping up your stats. relax you are good. no worries my friend.. just worry about making the money and all else will fall in to place..
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