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Amazon associates denied my application.

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by oqerio, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. oqerio

    oqerio Newbie

    Jan 22, 2015
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    What is funny is that this blog was accepted last year, and was earning hundreds of dollars for about six monthes.
    But then I created another extra blog for google adsense, but that blog violated their rule (containing amazon in url, my mistake) so my associates account was closed. I had no choice but closing this extra blog.
    Anyway right after that, I signed up their associates program again with my first blog with new amazon account, but after two weeks later, which is today, they sent me this email and closed my account.
    Like I said there, the blog was previously approved and I was earning good money, so it is full of contents, people have bought TV during this few weeks, hundreds of clicks, and not violating any policy.
    I contacted Amazon US but didn't even give me the reason why my site may not present a mutually beneficial business opportunity.
    Only keep keep saying my site may not present a mutually beneficial business opportunity...
    The blog is in Asian language so I wonder which part they saw is not presenting mutually beneficial business opportunity.
    Again no sexual, violence, liberlous, discrimination, illegal materials. And most of my visitors visit my blog for other information, not Amazon.

    We completed our review of your application to become an Amazon
    Associate, which included a visit to the Web site where you planned to
    create links to our store. After careful consideration, we have
    decided that your site may not present a mutually beneficial business
    opportunity. We have therefore decided not to approve your
    application to become an Amazon Associate.

    Accordingly, we have closed the account under which you had been
    temporarily approved and that approval has now ended. Thank you for
    your interest in Amazon.
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