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    Amazon Affiliate Site - JV. I am a newbie in Amazon Affiliate. From last month I start making 2 figure from one site. I also sold some of site on flippa from $150-$300 rate. I bought over 5/6 theme from WF, Various Amzon Tools, WP Plugin and Took coaching. Now I am a bit confident that I can now make money from Amazon. But I am running without cash to buy some domain.

    My JV Offer:
    Buy me 5 domain and I will build you 1 fully automated (WPRobot integrated) Amazon e-commerce Site on your desired Niche.

    Look, If you want to buy site, it might cost you minimum $100. And If you want to build by own it also cost you for Theme, WpRobot, and minimum 2 hours for Keyword research and site building. Where 5 domain would not cost more than $45.

    So If you are interested Please PM me with Your contact ID.