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    Hi Guys,

    I had a few questions regarding Amazon niche websites and was hoping if some of you could help me out.

    1. If a Amazon buying KW - Best xxxxxx, xxxxxx review etc while being searched on Google throws up 1 YT video and specific product/product reviews pages (e.g. dell 2476 review) from amazon on page 1, is that a good or bad thing in terms of competition? Total pages returned by Google is a little over 2 million for the main KW and between 400K and 600K for 3 secondary KWs.

    2. What is the minimum EMC number that I should be targeting between the main KW and the secondary KWs? The goal is to make about $200-250/m. I know that this will depend a lot on the price of the product, I was just wondering as to what kind of ballpark figure I should be aiming at. The product/niche I'm looking at sells between $65-130 per piece on amazon.

    3. I've read that a good Amazon affiliate site should have between 30-50 pages, while I understand that more pages and content = better authority but would a website launched with say 10-12 pages be competitive on Google in terms of ranking while I add more content to it?

    Would appreciate any help/advise. Cheerio.