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    I've been an Amazon affiliate for quite some time now and do ok, couple hundred a month maybe. As any good affiliate does, I tell all my friends and family to use my links. It's happened several times when someone uses my link that the commissions do not show up at all. Heck even several times I was actually there placing the order and explicitly made sure my link was used. On one occasion, I got commission for half of the items on an order but not other items.

    I've emailed Amazon about it before and they didn't seem to care, saying they can't look into specific orders, blah blah. Anyone else have missing commissions from Amazon? They're pretty legit and I don't think they're trying to cheat me. Perhaps a technical glitch? I could be missing out on hundreds of sales.
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    Jun 24, 2012
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    Response: Myself and others who have professional websites with amazon affiliate links, have logged in large traffic, with links to amazon products being clicked- in the thousands, with both deficient record on amazon reports of the clicks, and suspiciously no record of sales.
    Amazon, clearly gives a lot of attention to their associate program, but , despite all links being checked and working properly, built within proficient web sites, there is missing evidence of activity within amazon reports, and missing sales. The statistics among 4 or 5 sites, is too questionable by analytics and host provider stats to correlate with Amazon.
    Something is wrong, amiss. Is it possible that amazon has built in process to gain benefits of affiliate marketing, and avoid recorded clicks, sales and affiliate commission. At this point, there is no clear answer on this end only very high suspicion that something is amiss.